Much thanks to Associated Press writer Chris Talbott for taking time out from interviewing country music superstars Glenn Campbell and Jamey Johnson, to spend time with me in Adamsville, Tennessee. Chris and I met up at the Buford Pusser Museum there to talk a little about The Ranger, Burt Reynolds movies, and Spenser, too. A really terrific piece.

2 Series, 2 Times the Fun for Ace Atkins
By Chris Talbott, AP Entertainment Writer
Ace Atkins walks out of the Buford Pusser Museum with a big smile on his face and two large hands wrapped around a genuine “Walking Tall” souvenir stick.

The author of the “The Ranger” and new caretaker of Robert B. Parker’s iconic Spenser series has spent the last hour touring the former home of the famed but doomed small-town Tennessee lawman whose story captured the imagination of Hollywood and the nation in the early 1970s.

Atkins is on a research high as he heads to lunch at the nearby SawMeal Restaurant on a sunny, sultry afternoon. As he sits down to a club sandwich and fries . . . MORE

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