Photo by Bill Dabney

Photo by Bill Dabney

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Book cover for Don't Let The Devil Ride a novel by Ace AkinsNew York Times bestselling author Ace Atkins enters new literary territory with DON’T LET THE DEVIL RIDE (William Morrow; Hardcover; $30.00; On Sale: June 25, 2024), a captivating new novel that finds a woman uncovering deadly secrets about her husband after he disappears. Atkins has penned an elevated thriller that tackles difficult themes while also delivering a totally entertaining story. How well do we know the people closest to us? How well do we know ourselves?

Atkins’s novel is a sharp, witty, emotional tale of a woman who realizes that her comfortable life is nothing more than a well-crafted illusion. Addison McKellar isn’t clueless – she’s always known she and her husband Dean don’t have the perfect marriage. But when he vanishes and the days stretch on with no word, her immediate annoyance becomes genuine alarm. She has no choice but to turn to her father’s old friend, legendary Memphis PI Porter Hayes.

Porter and Addison dig into Dean’s affairs and quickly discover that he was never the hardworking business owner and slightly boring family man he pretended to be. As they piece together the connections between a hook-handed mercenary, one of Elvis’s former leading ladies, and a man posing as an FBI agent, it becomes clear that Dean was deeply enmeshed in a high-stakes web of international intrigue, and Porter and Addison aren’t the only ones looking for him. Dean angered some very dangerous people before he disappeared – people who have already killed to get what they want – and they won’t hesitate to come after his family to even the score. Porter has helped Addison pull back the curtain on her life, and she’s left with the cold, dangerous picture of the man she married but never truly knew.

An exciting new avenue for Atkins – DON’T LET THE DEVIL RIDE has all the hallmarks of a page-turning thriller, but also features the emotional depth and wry humor of Kate Atkinson and a distinctive literary atmosphere that is sure to appeal to fans of authors like Dennis Lehane, Michael Chabon, and S.A. Cosby. With Atkins’s stylish voice shining through, DON’T LET THE DEVIL RIDE is bound to be the hit novel of the summer.

Praise for Don't Let the Devil Ride:

“Anyone who has read Ace Atkins knows he’s diabolically talented, but his latest goes beyond crackling wit and whip-smart storytelling. Don't Let the Devil Ride combines meaty questions about the lies we build to protect ourselves—and what happens when those lies collapse—with a masterfully crafted plot and seductive Southern setting to create a novel that sings.”

“With his boisterous and beguiling new novel Don’t Let the Devil Ride, Ace Atkins confirms his status as the poet laureate of Southern hustlers and ne’er do wells. Full of wily humor and epic bad behavior, this is an ebullient, rollicking ride you don’t dare miss.”

"Ace Atkins's killing honesty sets a new standard for Southern crime fiction."

"Don't Let the Devil Ride rumbles and rocks like the bottom beat in a Memphis blues tune played by a master. Ace Atkins has crafted an instant Southern noir classic that embodies the best aspects of the genre. Larger than life characters, wry humor, deep pathos and storytelling that embrace both the sacred and the profane."

"Ace Atkins is the Southern noir king. I’ve been reading him since his debut, and I am consistently wowed by the layers and depth of his characters, the crackling authenticity of his dialogue, and the elegance of his prose. Edgy, richly atmospheric, and often darkly funny, Don't Let the Devil Ride is the work of a master storyteller at the top of his game. A must-read!"

"Don’t Let the Devil Ride is great work by Ace Atkins. It’s clever, intricate and moves with unstoppable momentum and twists to the very last page."

“Another outstanding, gripping, and atmospheric thriller that packs a mean punch. Ace Atkins delivers a rollercoaster of suspense, blending Southern charm with a global conspiracy in Don’t Let The Devil Ride, his biggest, most daring novel to date.”

"Adventure writing of a high order... Richly packed with colorful characters and expert writing. An exciting, fast-moving portrait of a formidable hero."

“Exceptional. . . . Atkins is writing at the top of his game.”

“Action-packed and engrossing.... Atkins delivers stronger tales with each outing.”

"The Deep South's True Detective."

A satisfying mix of modern Southern gothic atmosphere and thrilling action, salted with crackling humor."

Atkins allows Quinn to make mistakes and have foibles, making him an even more complex character."

The rough-and-tumble relationship between two tough-as-nails officers and the place they love provides plenty of action [and] well-developed characters."

Gripping... Atkins again portrays this pocket of the South with all its flaws, but he's too good a writer for anything to seem stereotyped. Grade: A."

Masterful... it's clear that Atkins has long lived among the kind of folks populating his work."

In the same class as James Lee Burke. Atkins is at the point where his writing is becoming the gold standard of genre and (yes) literary fiction. If you are unfamiliar with him, now is the point to jump on."