The book isn’t even out until April 15th, but critics already love it.

Booklist says: It’s Atkins’ prodigious research that makes this novel a compelling road trip through Depression-eraAmerica.  He vividly portrays the Dust Bowl, foreclosures, the grinding poverty, gnawing hunger, desperation and the rage at bankers (most of which resonate in today’s America); and he captures the imminent end of the gangsters’ heyday.  Like many fine historical crime novels, Infamous offers a window on society, then and now.

Kirkus Reviews adds: In his compulsively readable latest, Atkins (Devil’s Garden, 2009, etc.) takes a revisionist look at the life and times of Machine Gun Kelly and the very bad woman who stood behind him.

Bullets fly, gore puddles and, as the denouement approaches, oh how those pages turn. Atkins, who loves his characters colorful, makes readers love them too, and it doesn’t much matter whether they’re naughty or nice.

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