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Hammett Loved a Good Cigar

My pal Don Herron — one of the foremost experts on Dashiell Hammett — recently uncovered this rare photo of THE MAN himself. He culled it from a clip of a documentary about composer Harold Arlen. What a great find on the occasion on Dash’s 117th birthday.
I’m a fan of cigars. Often cigars are regulated for bad guys in movies, douche bag CEOs, and a-holes on the golf course. But a cigar is a wonderful thing and can be enjoyed by cool people, too. Case in point, Dash Hammett! Quinn Colson — hero of THE RANGER — is known to enjoy a La Gloria Cubana. I just wish we could see the cigar’s band. I’m betting an original Cohiba. Looks like a six ring.
Read Don’s complete piece on the discovery at his excellent site. And if you are ever in San Francisco, be sure to take Don’s Hammett tour of The City. And incredible journey down those mean streets.

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