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Second week on tour for INFAMOUS and about to leave Austin for Houston. I don’t get much downtime between stops but being able to upload a few items from the coffee shop at Bookpeople where I read last night with musician Jesse Sublett.

One of the highlights has been meeting folks with personal connections to the story. The photo of me is with the niece of Oklahoma oilman J.G. Catlett who was the man who paid the Urschel ransom to George Kelly. For more on Catlett’s role in the kidnapping affair, check out FBI records.

Earlier that day I met a couple who’d driven from Paradise to Plano to attend the signing. He’d actually grown up in the house where Urschel had been kept.(See details of the house in the INFAMOUS extras.)

Got to spend some quality time last night at the Texas Chili Parlour for several cold Shiners. (Lone Star is no longer made in Texas!) This was the bar where Tarantino filmed parts of Death Proof — a terrific short film.

I bought a couple of terrific CDs — including the new Black Rebel Motorcycle Club — at Waterloo records. The only disappointment in Austin was missing the Hatch Show print exhibit at the Austin Museum of Art. I found out they were closed Mondays . . .

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