Ace Atkins

New York Times Best Selling Author

Long Hot Summer

Enjoying a Guinness after the final book signing on the 2012 tour. Four Green Fields, Tampa, Florida. Photo: Jay E. Nolan

The very last book signed on the 2012 tour.  I will put down the pen and pick up a pint. Photo: Jay E. Nolan

It’s the first day of summer just as summer tour has ended for me. I really appreciate everyone who came out  for the readings and signings in bookstores from coast to coast. I started off in New York and just concluded in Tampa, hitting stops from Boston to Phoenix and all parts in between. With two novels out in one month, it’s been a busy time but a real pleasure getting to meet readers and fans of Spenser and Quinn. I also appreciate the many emails I’ve received about the continuation of Spenser. Many have been asking what’s next. Well, I’m back to my office and working on the second half of the new Spenser — due out May 2013. And in the fall, I’ll be looking to the third novel in the Quinn Colson stories. Check in from time to time as there will be various off-tour notes on music, movies, and books. I’m compiling a list of my reading and music list for this summer, too. Stay tuned. Much more to come! — Ace

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