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Even though I finished INFAMOUS some time back and have moved onto new books, I’m still kind of obsessed with the “Machine Gun” Kelly story and some of the side characters who’ve been lost to history.

Last week, I just stumbled across more images of my favorite character in the tale — 12-year-old Geraline Arnold. Many readers have written me about Geraline, saying there was no way she was real. Most people think I based her on the Tatum O’Neal character from Paper Moon.

While there are a lot of similarities, Geraline was certainly a real person and did in fact play the biggest role in sending Public Enemy #1 to Alcatraz. As you may recall, she was the daughter of Luther and Flossie Mae Arnold, a couple of Dust Bowl farmers picked up by Kathryn Kelly after the Urschel ransom drop.

I’ve uploaded a few more rare photos of the players — including a great shot of Kathryn playing the piano in the Big House and Kathryn and her family during the trial in Oklahoma City.

Speaking of Oklahoma City, I just returned from OK City recently for a fund raiser for the Trinity School. As always, I had a terrific time. I’ve never been treated better in any city and I look forward to many more returns for future books. More soon and happy Thanksgiving — Ace


Photo of letter sent by George and Kathryn Kelly during the first Urschel kidnapping trial in 1933.

Photo of Kathryn — seated second from left — between her sister-in-law, mother and stepfather — Boss Shannon. The man standing is their elderly attorney — one of the only people who’d take their case.

Photo of Kathryn after being sentenced to the Big House. I wonder what tune she’s playing. Below is another shot of Geraline Arnold. A pretty smart 12-year-old. My favorite character in the Kelly story.

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