Ace Atkins

New York Times Best Selling Author

My Summer Reading List

1. The Hunter by Richard Stark: An absolute classic of crime fiction and the first in Parker series.

2. Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter: A true authentic literary gem with a hell of a story at the core. This books deserves every bit of praise it has received.
3. The Cage by Kenzo Kitakata: A highly recommended tale of the Japanese underworld by Japan’s crime novel master.
4. The Man With the Getaway Face by Richard Stark: The Hunter was so damn good I could not stop reading about master thief, Parker.
5. On Combat by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman – Nonfiction read on the warrior mindset in war and peace. Very interesting stuff here.
6. The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway: Oh, why the hell not? It’s too good not to read every few years. Has not lost a thing in the nearly 90 years since pub.
7. The Horse Soldiers by Harold Sinclair: The true story of a Union mission behind Confederate lines to blow up supplies, trains and prep for victory at Vicksburg.
8. Springer’s Fortune by W.L. Ripley: The third in series by one of my favorite crime writers working today. Ex-Secret Service agent turned piano-playing bar owner brings to mind Elmore Leonard’s LaBrava.
9. The Friends of Pancho Villa by James Carlos Blake: Blake is one of the best stylist on the American lit scene. I’m reading this as I wait for his newest out next month.
10. The Outfit by Richard Stark: I guess there is a trend to make this the Summer of Parker. These books are so damn addictive and terrifically executed. No one has written better heist books. Ever. 
Happy Reading —

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