Nick Travers Goes Electric!

Muddy did it in ’45.
Dylan did it in ’65.
And now Nick Travers has gone electric. For the first time, all the Nick Travers’ novels will be available on kindle. You might have seen those funny Etch A Sketch looking things on planes. Now all four Nick Travers’ books will be available for download at We’ll be releasing a new title every month starting in July with Crossroad Blues on kindle.

Two of those novels have been hard to find as of late — Leavin’ Trunk Blues and Dark End of the Street. So this will be an exciting chance to bring the Nick Travers’ stories to a whole new audience. And to think Nick Travers doesn’t even own a CD player — he’s vinyl only.

By the way, check out a bad-ass version of Leavin’ Trunk by Taj at the link above.

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