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Quinn Vs. Snopes

I just saw a review of The Ranger alongside a memoir written by Oxford pal, Dean Faulkner Wells. You may have heard of her uncle. He wrote a few books some time back. Leonard Gill with Memphis magazine is one of the few to get the background of Quinn and the world of Tibbehah County. I tip my hat and greatly enjoyed his piece.

Who is Dean Faulkner Wells? The short answer: co-founder, with her husband Lawrence Wells, of Oxford, Mississippi’s Yoknapatawpha Press, which since 1975 has published the work of Southern writers. The long answer to the question? That takes some doing, which is what Wells does in Every Day by the Sun: A Memoir of the Faulkners of Mississippi (Crown).
“Where did I belong? Where were my people? Who was I?” Wells writes.

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