Ace Atkins

New York Times Best Selling Author

The Third and Forgotten King of the Blues

Now that music has gone digital, I really miss the days of thumbing through my record collection and finding that album I’d forgotten about. Just recently, I was recently sorting through my dusty CDs and ran across my beloved copy of “The Best of Freddie King.” The only reason this had gone to the back shelf was that I played it too much.
Freddie King was a towering talent and one of my personal favorite all-time musicians — a bluesman born in Texas, raised in Chicago who died in the 1970s while still in his early 40s. His style is so unique, a mix of Texas and Chicago blues, funk, soul, and Southern rock ‘n roll. Lately I’ve been listening to Freddie nonstop. Some of you may recognize his hit “Goin’ Down” as the theme song to “East Bound and Down.” Take a minute to see Freddie live and get familiar with one of the real unique talents of blues. Warning, “East Bound and Down” is pretty raunchy, for immature audiences only.

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