Ace Atkins

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99 Problems But A Book Ain’t One


So, THE REDEEMERS is finished. The fifth novel in the Quinn Colson saga is now off my desk and in production with the good folks at G.P. Putnam’s Sons. This is a pretty significant milestone for me, not only is this my seventeenth book  but the first time I’ve written a series of more than four books. I’m pretty excited about this one — more of a dark comedy than the story of THE FORSAKEN and really a milestone for the series overall. Although, I have signed on to write a fifth Spenser novel for the Robert B. Parker estate — more on that later . . .

I don’t want to tell you too much but a lot is coming to head that’s been building since THE RANGER, both in the power base in Tibbehah County but also in Quinn’s family. Jason Colson has returned to Jericho. Caddy Colson has returned to her old ways. And a crew of redneck thieves is about to bust open more than just an old gun safe.

I look  forward to sharing more details soon. Right now, I’m going to pour a nice whiskey and take off a few days.  I’m having a hell of a lot of fun bringing north Mississippi to all of you. Yep, it is this weird and violent.  And no, I don’t have to make up much. Just follow the crooks and the money — Ace


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