Nick Travers Returns

After a long absence, the New Orleans hero is back.
After a long absence, the New Orleans hero is back.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen my old friend, Nick Travers. But thanks to my new pal, the talented and awesome artist Marco Margallanes, Nick will be coming back in a full-length graphic novel called LAST FAIR DEAL GONE DOWN from 12-Gauge Comics. I’m pretty thrilled at the prospect of my original creation getting a renewed life and if all goes well, you can expect some brand-new Travers stories in the future. A firm release date hasn’t been set but I hope it will be out sometime late this summer. As you see from above, the images and the look are spot on for Nick! In the mean time, you can always find Nick in his four novels below. An Abita Turbo Dog raised high to Nick, Marco, and 12-Gauge for bringing him back.

The Incomplete Nick Travers Stories
The Incomplete Nick Travers Stories
indexDark EndDirty South

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