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After a week of vacation, I’m back on the blog. This morning I came across this gem on one of my favorite movies of all time — Smokey and the Bandit. Here’s an excerpt on how director Hal Needham got the idea for the Southern classic. His new book sounds like a terrific read and can’t wait to get a copy. Speaking of Smokey and the Bandit, it’s come up for debate here in Oxford about the makings of a Diablo sandwich. Fans of the film will know the scene where Buford T. walks into a barbecue restaurant and orders a Diablo and a Dr. Pepper. Yet no one seems to know what makes one. For the last several years I’ve been trying to get my buddy Randy Yates to add one to the menu at the Ajax Diner here in town. I’m pretty sure it’s just a barbecue sandwich with hot sauce and jalapenos. Hope he’ll bring it back soon. Check out the famous scene here.

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