Just last week, I got received a copy of the new Bogart biography from my buddy, Nick Childs. Nick and I share a lot of the same interests in noir, crime, and indie film. Check out his short film The Shovel starring David Strathairn.(The film took home top honors at the Tribeca Film Fest a few years ago.)

As you’ll read in this recent piece in the L.A. Times, Bogart was product of tough times — the Depression and two world wars. Nick was saying to me, perhaps — look at the headlines — there is another Bogart out there waiting to be discovered. I’m not so sure. But Nick made a great case for it. I’m only a few chapters into the bio but there was no one like Bogart. Hell, he was Sam Spade and Philip Marlowe!

Not to mention Bogart was married to the best looking woman of all time. Speaking of Lauren Bacall, check out the recent profile of her in Vanity Fair. She still has the stuff in her 80s!

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