Merci Beaucoup, Lyon

The coolest booksellers in all of France!
The coolest booksellers in all of France!

Back in the states after a terrific week in France. I was a guest at the Quais du Polar festival in Lyon along with some of my favorite writers: Craig Johnson, Frank Bill, James Ellroy, George Pelecanos and many, many more. I got to speak on three of my favorite subjects — music in books, the Western, and veterans in literature. The three day conference took place in some amazing locations — including the Palais du Commerce as seen above.

I only wish Americans could get as excited as the French about a book festival. The French know how to talk books and to celebrate one of the great art forms — the noir.

Also I’ll be blogging more from the road as CHEAP SHOT hits stores the first week of May.

And don’t forget Quinn Colson returns in THE FORSAKEN on July 24th!

Check out for US tour dates — Ace

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