Ace Atkins

New York Times Best Selling Author

The Burial of Robert Johnson

As I look forward to the re-release of my first novel CROSSROAD BLUES in two weeks, it’s gotten me thinking of Robert Johnson again. Not that R.L. was ever too far from my mind. (He makes a cameo appearance in INFAMOUS next year). But I had the unusual experience of writing about his death and the mystery surrounding it and then several years ago meeting the woman who could provide those answers. It turns out the two grave markers south of Greenwood, Mississippi were both wrong. The legendary blues player was actually buried north of Greenwood at the tiny Zion Church off the Money Road. I met Rosie Eskridge — whose husband buried Robert Johnson back in ’38 — in 2001 and she spent the afternoon with me and blues researcher, Gayle Dean Wardlow, talking about that day and how one of the 20th Century’s icons was sent off. It turns out, only the grave diggers were present and no words spoken. The photos show Miss Rosie pointing out where her husband buried him not far off that highway.

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